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Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves, blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Strange Fruit
Billie Holiday
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"A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature." Reference : www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manifesto

First, forget about the political part, we're focused on the blues - political preferences need not interfere with its' enjoyment.

Second, this is short and sweet, most atypical of manifestos - this is sort of an anti-manifesto. But a lot of folks ask what we're about so what follows is a brief summary.

We are about the blues. Showcasing new (relative to the blues) talent preserving the old is the essence of what we do. We're not just another live music venue (which is becoming scarcer) JJ's is the nexus of artists and audience that appreciates the blues. Blues is all we (try) to do - everyday - two bands a day. It's not that other genres of music are not appreciated, quite the opposite, music of any type is a wonderful gift from an artist to enrich the souls who seek it. But here we serve a community of blues-folks, whether playing or listening, that has been long lived and has evolved into the network which it is today. The "new" JJ's Blues is not attempting to create anything - we merely acknowledge and support the community that has evolved in place. We still support the spectrum of musicianship that exists showcasing amateur jam sessions to professional touring acts, our stage is open to all who preserve the blues.

We're not prejudiced against other forms of music - we're preferenced towards the blues. It is important..an older genre of heartfelt vocalization and traditional musical expression is deserving of support and patronage. Blues is infused within the history of most modern musical forms yet underappreciated in its' original, unadulterated form. It is the longevity of blues which we focus our attentions and efforts on. The blues bug infects each new generation with new incarnations and interpretations, these hard working, dedicated, talented and entertaining artists deserve a place in the universe where their gifts are genuinely appreciated - our principle and intention is to be one of those places.

Magic happens here all the time. Come experience it.
Time will be addressed in the second rev of this manifesto. Seriously.

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